The Psychedelic Theatre fire performances

The Psychedelic Theatre was born in 2010 in one of the world’s largest Psy Trance music scenes. The Psychedelic Theatre is the brain child of dancer, physical theatre performer, fire dancer and actress, Lanél Van Der Kolff, and actor, fire dancer, and poi artist, Marvin-Lee Beukes.

They burn Poi, Hula-hoops, Rhythm Sticks, Swords, Ropes, Staff and breath fire too.

Marvin and Lanél along with their crew are amazing to watch at a festival, to date the most breathtaking fire show and performance I have seen ever has to be the one headlined by Lanél at Psycho Stompers trance festival in Pringle Bay. I wish I had my camera or phone with me that night to record the awesomeness of that performance which consisted of fire breathing, fire poi and fire hula hooping…goosebumps all round!

Here is a video that someone took of them performing at Easter Vortex 2012:

Here is another video of Easter Vortex 2012 festival where Psychedelic Theatre feature quite a bit:


You can reach Marvin or Lanél on their website or on the official facebook group