My Fire Poi in Cape Town site!

Welcome to my fire poi website, if you like to light up you might like this site! I will post pictures, videos and links etc of anything related to poi and fire poi.

If you want to hire fire dancers for your event, Click Here!!

When I find a great picture, video, or something that would be interesting to a fire poi enthusiast, i’ll post it onto this website.

I recently got my first pair of fire poi fromĀ Home Of Poi, and they are awesome, if you want quality, their products are really top notch.

I am based in Cape Town South Africa. There are quite a few people here who are really good spinners, they give me lots of inspiration to learn new tricks to do with poi.

I got my first set of sock poi just over a year and a half ago, at first I was not too ‘into it’, but after I saw a few amazing fire poi shows at some of the many trance festivals in Cape Town, I was hooked.

I have been practicing now with sock poi, LED poi on strings, and also training fire poi which are chains but with tennis balls on the end instead of fire poi heads. Last month I was given the opportunity to use a friends fire poi for my very first burn, and it was AWESOME! It took me less than a week to order my first fire poi, which have finally arrived!

Watch this space for fire poi stuff!!