Breaking in the new cathedral fire poi

I finally got a chance to break in my new medium sized cathedral fire poi from Home of Poi last night when I was invited to a fire night by Arise and Hoop, where they light up a variety of fire toys every week.

I have been eager to give these poi a spin and I must say that was not disappointed at all.

These are really solid poi, they are quite large for medium sized poi, and have a long burn time because they can absorb so much fuel, which also makes them quite heavy at first. They also come with a strong ball chain as opposed to a flat chain, and leather finger loops.

I had a blast at the fire jam which was hosted at Wayne and Corette’s house, everyone was there to spin with the fire hula hoops, and myself and Natacha gave the poi a spin, while Duncan represented with his fire devil sticks.

Check out some of the pictures taken last night in the gallery below:

I had an awesome time, this was the second time ever that I have used fire poi and the first time with my own.  Jon-Peer from Fire Tribe was on hand and since then I have already purchased some fire poi from him, so when I next spin fire poi i’ll make a proper comparison with a pair of medium and large fire poi from Fire Tribe in terms of weight before and after fuel, length of burn etc.

Corette very kindly made a video clip of my spin with the poi and put it onto Youtube! Check it out below….next time I think i’ll have a plan of which moves I would like to try and do, instead of just deciding on the fly….i’ll do that when I am a little better.

Thanks everyone at Arise and Hoop for the fire jam! You can check out more about Arise and Hoop on their website: