Glitter Girl fire poi

Isa Isaacs is the founder of Temple of poi fire dancing school, and is well known as one of the original and best fire poi dancers.  Take a look at some of her videos below, they are old, but even back then, she was making it look awesome!

Here is one of her performances from 2008:

Here is another even older one from 2007:

 I am a huge Glitter Girl fan, she rocks!


Thomas Nevisoul fire performance

Thomas Nevisoul is a poi legend, I love watching his videos because his movement is always to graceful but at the same time perfectly executed. I really like this video of him performing at the Kiev Fire fest (Ukraine)  in 2009, its an old video but I think its cool so I though I would share it here 🙂

What do you think? Pretty slick hey? 🙂


The Psychedelic Theatre fire performances

The Psychedelic Theatre was born in 2010 in one of the world’s largest Psy Trance music scenes. The Psychedelic Theatre is the brain child of dancer, physical theatre performer, fire dancer and actress, Lanél Van Der Kolff, and actor, fire dancer, and poi artist, Marvin-Lee Beukes.

They burn Poi, Hula-hoops, Rhythm Sticks, Swords, Ropes, Staff and breath fire too.

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