‘G’ Poi master and teacher from the UK

G is a world renowned poi master and poi teacher, and has worked a lot with Nick Woolsey from playpoi.com

He has studied Poi as a movement art since 2003, and possesses a unique ability to apply his knowledge and understanding of object manipulation to a variety of arts such as staff, contact juggling, whips and an array of juggling props, some not quite intended for this purpose. [Read more…]


Jaco le Roux fire poi entertainer and teacher

Jaco le RouxIf you have been doing fire poi for a while, and are part of one of many poi communities in South Africa, then you would have heard of or met Jaco le Roux. Jaco is one of South Africa’s very own poi masters, he travels around the country teaching poi workshops and entertaining as he goes, and is currently based in Durban.

The first poi workshop I went to was one run by Jaco in Stellenbosch, and was hosted by Marvin and Lanel from the Psychedelic Theatre company. [Read more…]


Michael Parisi poi master

I have been watching quite a few of Michael Parisi’s videos lately, I love his style, loads of plane changes and body tracers. Check out this video of his which is my favourite right now:

If you like this, I highly recommend subscribing to Michael’s youtube channel at¬†http://www.youtube.com/user/ParisiFire


Amazing Mel does freestyle at Live Fires festival

I found an awesome video of Ivan Gorbunov AKA ‘Mel’ from the Ukraine¬†doing some freestyle fire poi at the Live Fires Festival. How sick is this video?!

So what do you think?